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Slots Online | Play Online Slots Casino Games

Slots have always been big earners for casinos and the online game as continued this trend. Slots generate billions of dollars every year and the online game's potion of this pie is getting bigger and bigger every year.

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The first slot machine was the famous Liberty Bell mechanical slot machine that was introduced way back in 1887, and spread throughout the United States with amazing rapidity. Initially these machines were located in bars and tobacconists. The next development in the technology was the next generation of electronic slot machines that appeared in the early sixties and carried on all the way through to the mid-nineties.

Online slots took the baton from electronic slots as soon as the internet began spreading to a great number of households throughout the world and now beyond even Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Video Poker. Slot machines generally attract more players and generate more revenue than all these games combined.

The technology continues to grow unabated as bandwidth improves and people's personal computers get faster and more powerful. The graphics and sound of these games has been improving year on year and now with the next generation of 3D technology online gambling software vendors are scrambling to bring the most sophisticated slot games ever made to market. Parallel to this higher end of the market is the enormous growth in mobile gaming which has really kicked off as our cell phones have become better equipped.

For a game that is entirely down to chance online slot machines are probably the most fun you can possibly have. Coupled with the fact that online casinos spend an inordinate amount of resources on licensing and promoting online slots because they are aware of just how many new players they can draw to their websites, this can only mean great online slot bonuses for you.

Another great attraction is the relatively easy learning curve, even with these new more complicated video slots you will quickly figure them out and really get to enjoying yourself.

Another positive feature is the fact that you have just so many slot machines to choose from. Even if you played a different one every day, you would probably run out of money before you run out of new slots to play!

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