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Roulette Online | Play Online Roulette Casino Games

There is simply nothing like Roulette in terms of sheer excitement. Originally the most popular and sexiest land-based casino game it has now made the full translation to the World Wide Web. For a game of pure chance there is such an aura of mystique around it. This was no doubt helped by the fact that roulette has been traditionally a game of luxury played only by the rich and famous.

Roulette has been a popular game of chance ever since the 18th century and its popularity has meant that it is situated at the very center of a casino's operations. This has not changed in the move online. Even online roulette is one of the greatest money earners for alongside slot machines.

One of the reasons for peoples' fascination with Roulette is that it has particularly high odds. Playing roulette gives you the opportunity to wager at odds of thirty-five to one depending on where you place your chips. This proves to be a prospect that many people cannot resist.

Truth be told roulette was actually experiencing a bit of a downturn at bricks and mortar casinos just before the online revolution really kicked off. As soon as online gambling started to become a feasible prospect it was astonishing to see just how popular the first lines of online roulette games were.

An interesting fact is that roulette has always been more popular in Europe than it is in the United States. Even though American casinos were instrumental in the development of the game of roulette it has always been bigger in Europe, and a fact that is even more interesting than this is that even with roulette's bigger popularity in Europe, European roulette actually has a much reduced house advantage than American roulette.

French Roulette

The original French Roulette is played at double tables and features a bigger expanse of green cloth beside the roulette wheel. The roulette wheel is set into the edge of the table and traditionally each French roulette table has more than one casino member of staff working on it. Each table has two pairs of croupiers, one at each end and also staff members that cash players in and out. Nowadays French Roulette is normally played on smaller single tables like American roulette and only has a maximum of four dealers. The roulette wheel is still manufactured from highly polished ebony wood, which is set into the table. The wheel has 36 alternating black and red dips in which the ball can get caught and one green one marked zero.

American Roulette

American roulette looks very simpler to European roulette but has a number of marked differences. The main difference is that unlike French roulette that have 37 possible numbers the ball can land on (1-37), American roulette has 38 because in American roulette there is a double zero. As a result the house edge of American roulette is quite a bit higher than with European roulette.

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