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Keno Online | Play Online Keno Casino Games

Keno is a fun game that is growing in popularity, you can play keno in most online casinos today from the comfort of your home.

Today gambling online has become a multi-billion dollar industry. There are thousands upon thousands of online casinos on the web and this number is growing every day. Most online casinos today have a selection of the most popular gambling games so if you register with any one of them expect to be able to play games like Video Poker, Slots, Blackjack and Roulette.

Keno has a long history, having originated roughly 2,200 years ago in China. It was actually one of the first lottery games in the world. Nowadays this ancient game is regularly played in both bricks and mortar and online casinos. Similar to modern lotteries you select your numbers and await the winning numbers to be drawn.

How Keno works.

In comparison to some casino games, and because it is a lottery type game, Keno does not have very good odds but it is still an extremely exciting game. The great attraction of Keno is that you get to participate in an exciting game of chance with the chance to take home big winnings but you only need a to wager a small amount.

The game is simple, easy and only comes down to picking the correct numbers just like a lottery. Also in Keno the bigger your stake the more numbers you are able to select. Keep in mind that your payout ends up being smaller the more numbers you select, this is the fascinating aspect of Keno, balancing your stake in relation to the possible winnings

The tiny size of the possible stake you can wager on a game of Keno makes it a great attraction. In most casinos your minimum wager is one dollar. There are however some places where you can wager with as little as five cents.


Playing Keno couldn't be more simple the way it works is your select four numbers from a total of 80. You can select more than four but no more than ten. Each of there numbers are called a spot. When you have finished you press start and a then a random number generator will select twenty numbers 80 in random order. If the numbers drawn match up with the ones you have selected you win!

The more numbers you choose the more chance you have to win but the less you will take home if you win.

Play Keno Online

Playing Keno online has some interesting advantages, firstly it is much quicker, you can also play multiple games at the same time and with small stakes you can play so many games the your chances of winning are massively increased.

In order to determine how you should be playing you need to study the house edge, which varies greatly from online casino to online casino. This is instrumental to your decision of how many numbers to play at each game. We advise that this research be conducted on your favorite casinos before you play. Then you know off the bat what you should wager and how many spots you should buy. This is an extremely fun game to play and one that can get quite addictive. In comparison to other types of lottery games you strangely feel like you're only a hair's breath away from bagging the jackpot every time you play.

Tip: Place smaller bets more often and across different games in order to have more enjoyment and a higher chance of winning.

Keno in online casinos

Keno has become very popular nowadays both online and in land based casinos, if you ever get the chance to play both kinds you will notice that the online variety is quite a bit different. Generally playing Keno online is a much more rapid fire affair and as we have already explained there is no reason why you can't play multiple games at the same time. Try playing Keno at some of out favorite .


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