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Best Online Casinos – How to Select an Online Casino

Nowadays, popularity of online casinos is keep rising with more and more people to prefer the online gambling in an attempt to earn money. However like with all in life online gamblers need to be very careful about the online casino site they are going to choose and try to be as certain as possible about its reputation and credibility. People who are about to gamble online, should be aware that they should not have as a major criterion the best casino bonuses or any other signup offer. In this article we will try to recommend some of the criteria we do believe are important in your casino selection. We hope that it will be a help to those who are beginners in the online casino field.

With literally thousands of online casinos over the internet trying to find which is safe and reputable, and which are not can be really confusing process. So first you need to check for the obvious scam sites for the easy elimination.

As a rule you should check for obvious spelling or grammar mistakes throughout the internet casino site. Legitimate or rebuttable casino sites like with any other site of course, should be reliable in every detail exposed within the site. So any violation of that means ... you better exit the site as fast as possible. Moreover check the contact email of the casino site and make sure that is not a free account like yahoo or hot mail. If the contact email is not something like customer_service@casinoname its a red flag for the casino reliability.

If the casino site you are about to choose pass our first stage elimination process then you need to check the following:

1. Years in Operation and backing

Try to pick casinos with more than two years of operation with a good reputation and solid standing in the marketplace. In our opinion any casino that can survive in such a highly competitive industry for so long has a fair possibility to remain in business.

2. Security, Fairness and Confidentiality

All the Casinos recommended in our guide support 128 bit digital encrypted security. Each casino needs to be audit and publish monthly its Payout percentages. If a casino for some reason it appears to have consistently low payout percentages should be avoided.

3. Software

We will try to make it as simple as possible to our readers so they can spot that even if they are just beginners. All they need to know is that the casino software of the online casino they are about to pick has to be licensed from a reputable vendor. In short they should feel comfortable if they are about to pick an internet casino that is using any one of the following platforms: Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic. We believe that those software providers are as reliable and secure platforms as they can possibly be, screening their operators and enforce strict audit controls. In addition just for your own information you should know that all those casino platforms utilize a Random Number Generators (RNG) audited by third party auditors and as a result the casino operators cannot set game odds and influence the RNG.

4. Customer Service

One of the most important criteria for your internet casino selection is definitely the customer service. Even if the casino fulfils all the other criteria but that one still we strongly recommend that you should take that site out of your list. All online casinos should provide a 24x7 support to their players. Try to search through the forums about the certain casino you are about to pick for lack to response in players’ inquiries, concern or complaints. Also as a rule before someone start gambling on a site it is advisable to contact first the customer support of the casino site with a general question just to check their respond time and friendliness.

5 Industry Associations

For a genuine probity you can rely to those casinos belongs to such industry bodies as the eCOGRA (e-Commerce Gaming Regulation Association ) or IGC (Independent Gaming Commission). In our opinion if a casino is a member to such an industry association signal an intention on the part of the casino to be transparent.

6. Casino Review Pages

Bear on mind that possibly the best of the information about a specific casino you could rely on when you search for a good online casino is the review websites. We recommend you use those online casino guides and get to know the games, and the casinos before you play. Those sites spend a lot of time and effort trying to evaluate certain online casinos and produce a list of the best online casinos. Editors of those online casino sites are usually experienced gamblers that download the software and play in the casinos before writing their reviews. And even in the case you don’t want to follow their top picks in case you are afraid that their results are a bit biased try to read what they think about the casino you were about to play at before you enter their site.

And as a conclusion bear in mind that you should follow your instinct and sometimes the first impression is the correct one. If something does not make you feel comfortable, or you do not understand terms and conditions, maybe is better to move to another casino. After all there is a huge number of sites for you out there.


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